Nutmeg Is A Hallucinogen For Dogs

I’m writing this from personal experience… poor Tigger :(

So one day as I’m making some homemade cookie biscuits for my four legged kids, I decided that I would add a little nutmeg to the food to give them a flavor treat. Big mistake!

This caused me a horrible scare and some healthy vet bills. Tigger lost the ability to use his hind legs. The poor guy could not get up. He would attempt to stand, first with his front legs, but then his hind legs just wouldn’t work and he would lay back down. You can imagine how frightned I was.

Off to the vet we went…. The first vet we visited, I was quite unhappy with. They said he had arthritis and finished at that, perscribed me some glucosamine and pain medication and sent us on our way. I didn’t understand how a dog could go from healthy with no problems moving, running, jumping and climbing to having arthritis render him immobile in a matter of hours. Didn’t make sense to me, so off to another vet for a second opinion. I will not say who the first vet was, but I can promise you, we will not be back.

The second vet was very thorough and concerned, asked a lot of questions of me and what we had done for the last 48 hours. When I had told him about the nutmeg I put in the food, he said “ahh, yes, yes, yes”. Come to find out, nutmeg is like a hallucinogen for dogs and should not be fed to them for any reason. It can be fatal and cause tremors, siezures and death And that was the problem. He examined Tigger to make sure he was not in any mortal danger, and told me to let him rest, keep an eye on him, and that he wanted to see him in 48 hours. The effects should wear off by then, but it could effect his liver.

So we did as we were told, came home, let Tigger come down. Not sure if he enjoyed it or not, but he was ok by the next morning. A little groggy, but ok, nonetheless.

The other dogs did not get effected, it wasn’t noticeable anyway, as it was with Tigger. But lesson learned! And Tigger is still kicking, having just had his twelfth birthday this year.

Lesson of the year! DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG NUTMEG!!!

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  1. Woof says:

    Thank you!

    It makes me feel great that people are getting use from this information!

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